Green Moss Gift Box Filler – Small


Green Moss Gift Box Filler – Small

When you want to up the presentation of a small box, simply add Green Moss Box Filler! Really, it’s that easy. The recipient will be impressed with the uniqueness of the earthy, soft, padding. Green Moss is also a great addition to your packaging because of its vibrant color. It naturally creates contrast against most anything you put on top of it!

Green Moss is increasingly popular these days with terrariums trending in home decor. Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy the practical use.  Pro Tip: Pair it with our Wood Slide Boxes for the ultimate combination of the outdoors. A pine box and green, spongy, moss will get anyone receiving this thinking of the great outdoors.

Please note that when ordering in volume, all packaging may not be the same hue of green. Just like in nature, colors of the green moss may vary. Included will be enough moss to cover the bottom of any small box such as in the photos below.

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Weight.01 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 1 in

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