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Q. Do the Prepaid Cards have an expiration date?

A. No. You may redeem your Prepaid Card at any time from any computer with internet access.


Q. I went to as instructed on the back of my card, but I do not see the capacity of my card displayed on the webpage.

A. First click on the style that matches your Prepaid Card. You will be asked to select the capacity on the next/proceeding page.


Q. Do I have to set up an account to redeem my Prepaid Card?

A. No. We do not require account setup.


Q. Do the flash drives come with a Lanyard?

A. Each flash drive redeemed will come with a complimentary black Pexagon lanyard unless you redeemed the Lanyard Style Flash Drive, in which case the lanyard will be in the color that you selected on the configuration page.


Q. Is tax and shipping included when the Prepaid Card is redeemed?

A. Yes. You will not be asked for any payment information, only a “ship to” address. A complimentary Pexagon branded lanyard will be included when redeeming a Store-It Thumb Drive or Store-It Laser Swivel Flash Drive.


Q. When I enter the scratch off code on my Prepaid Card, I receive the message “coupon code invalid/expired”.

  • Make certain you are trying to redeem your flash drive at not

  • Double check that the capacity shown on your Prepaid Card matches the capacity selected on the drive configuration page.

  • Be sure that the only product in your shopping cart is the product you are redeeming. If you wish to purchase other products, you must first redeem your product with the secret scratch off code. Other product purchases require a separate transaction.

  • Enter “Secret Code” in the Secret Code field in all upper case letters. Be sure to differentiate between zeros and “O”s as well as “I”s and “L”s.

  • If you’ve tried all of the above steps without success, the issue may be that there are temporary internet files that have been stored on your computer from a previous purchase or redemption attempt. We do, on occasion, come across the issue you are facing as it sometimes occurs when you have been to the page before and the cookies being stored on your system causes it to appear as though the order has already been completed. Please do the following:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on Tools then select Internet Options
3. Check the box “Delete browsing history on exit” then click OK
4. Now close and reopen Internet Explorer
5. Go back to the redemption site:
6. Now attempt to redeem your Prepaid Card again following the instructions exactly as shown on your card.

If all else fails, please email and we will assist you further.


Q. How long does it take for my product to be delivered from the date it was redeemed online at

A. Gift Cards/Prepaid Cards processing takes 5-7 days (plus transit time). Your product will be shipped via USPS from our Connecticut headquarters, so the ship time depends upon your physical location.


Q. I have not received the product in the mail that was redeemed over two weeks ago.

A. After a Prepaid Card is redeemed, a confirmation email will be send to the email account on file. Please email with your order confirmation number and we will look into your inquiry.


Q. I received my flash drive or hard drive in the mail, but I am having a problem getting it to work with my computer.

A. Please click here to request support, Pexagon’s Technical Support department and we will be happy to assist you



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