Flash Drives for PhotographersWhile many other new ventures seemed destined to fail in the tumultuous economy – Photoflashdrive.com is growing by leaps & bounds. In 2013 there are clear signs of an improved economy for this company, including a surge in the opportunity pipeline. Finding validation to create and run with a new venture was a difficult decision especially at a time when cut backs were the norm. Starting ambitiously with it’s own dedicated subsection of the Pexagontech.com web site and it’s own marketing push - Photoflashdrive.com has become a success story. Photographers across the US have embraced the “Custom Made Easy” manner in which Photoflashdrive.com helps them make an impact on their clients by showcasing their studios. Thanks to their repeat patronage, they have proved the new division was a risk worth taking.

Jason Aten, Professional Photographer, Blogger & author of Starting Out Right: Photographer’s Resource Guide, understands how Photoflashdrive.com offers Photographers a way to market their brand in an easy and creative manner. “We use the laser engraved flash drives from www.photoflashdrive.com - they are absolutely gorgeous, you can buy them one at a time if you really want, and with your studio logo on the drives you are constantly putting your brand upfront. It’s a no-brainer to add to your marketing mix.” With the success of customized flash drives for photographers, Photoflashdrive.com by Pexagon has expanded to offer a new line of custom packaging especially for the custom flash drives & hard drives it manufactures, from the zen bamboo box to the very luxurious lacquer box, there are options for all tastes.

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Photoflashdrive.com by Pexagon Technology is located in Branford, CT and specializes in creating custom flash drives, hard drives, packaging and more for those in the Photography Industry. By dedicating people and resources to the development of innovative new products and solutions, the company prides itself on saying yes, when others say no. You can learn more about their products and services by going to Flash Drives for Photographers.

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