Saying we want you to be “satisfied” just doesn’t cut it for us. We’d rather you be THRILLED with the final product!


Submit Your Order

We look at every single order that comes in. If we notice anything that looks off design wise, we’ll get in touch! If you realize there is a mistake with your design, let us know! From the smallest of typos to changing the placement of a logo, we’ll fix the issue!

No Robots Here

Ours eyes aren’t the only thing that touches the orders. We customize and ship every order out of our warehouse in Branford, CT. We also work with local craftsmen who hand make our boxes out of the finest hardwood!

Quality Control

Before your order gets packed for shipping, we inspect every inch of it to make sure it was fulfilled perfectly. If it’s not, we push it to the top of the line and reprint (which rarely happens). We even test every single USB before it leaves our building to make sure it performs to our standards.

You Receive Your Order And…

…you’re jumping for joy! If for whatever reason you aren’t, don’t sweat. Simply contact us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right. If we still can’t get you to smile from ear to ear with our service you’ll receive a full refund. Simple as that.