With all the time-consuming activities people are involved in these days, the time left over for religious activities and services is getting smaller and smaller. Quick and easy access to the necessary information for all the things that demand time and attention is essential to make sure everything can be accomplished, and this includes church.  Customized flash drives for churches can help a congregation stay on top of everything that is happening in the church and community.  Instead of a boring fundraiser selling items people don’t really want or need, churches can sell custom flash drives engraved with the church name or passage from the Bible, which will not only make the church more visible in the community, but be useful to the owner as well.

A customized flash drive can serve many purposes in the church community.  It can be used to organize financial records and schedules of events. The choir director can save sheet music and hymns or pre-recorded accompaniment for easy access at home.   Congregants can keep contact information, youth group and summer camp forms and information or schedules of fundraisers and fairs on the drive, which will help them stay organized.  Pastors can use the flash drive to keep a catalog of sermons or they can be recorded and distributed via flash drive for members of the church who are unable to attend in person due to illness, injury, travel or other obligations.

Visual aids have become an essential part of the world.  Flash drives can store pictures and video clips of past mission trips, church sponsored volunteer activities, dinners or sermons. These can be made into a slide show which could encourage involvement and acknowledge the great work that has been done by the members of the congregation.  The drives could also be personalized and given out as a keepsake to remember the trip or volunteer experience.  The drives can also be given out in an engraved box or pouch and distributed as a commemoration of a special occasion such as First Communion or Confirmation with pictures of the journey and experiences along the way.

Keeping children involved in church activities will not only give them a good moral background, but it is a great way for them to socialize in an educational manner.  Youth group, volunteering and Sunday school can add to the long list of commitments that must be worked into families’ schedules.  Families in the church community can use the personalized flash drives to keep track of activities.  No one will forget about volunteering or a pageant rehearsal again!

Many people have access to a computer wherever they are, but they may not be able to cart around tons of papers, pamphlets or books.  A flash drive preloaded with inspirational passages, hymns, or the entire Bible allows members of the congregation to have constant inspiration and guidance to carry with them.  Information about the church, counseling or support group services and church events can be stored on the flash drives and distributed throughout the community.  Unlike a pamphlet which singles out one topic, a flash drive can store information about multiple services or inspirational passages which can be viewed and studied in a private space.  A flash drive is also more permanent than a pamphlet and can be accessed whenever someone needs the information or comfort.

Pexagon Technology’s customized flash drives for churches are a unique, convenient and useful way to keep congregants organized and involved in church activities despite their busy schedules!

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