Photo Solutions groupMany little girls spend their entire lives dreaming about their wedding day.  From playing dress up in her mother’s wedding dress, to helping friends plan their big day, to her own special day, a wedding is an important milestone in a young woman’s life.  Picking the right dress, flowers, venue, DJ and of course the photographer.  Many photographers are switching over to flash drives as an elegant and easy to use method of delivering photo packages to newlywed couples.  Wedding flash drives are perfect for engagement pictures and wedding pictures to be kept safe and easily accessible for the happy couple as well as their family and friends.

Unlike other methods of storing wedding photos, customized wedding flash drives create a nice keepsake package – they can be engraved with the bride and groom’s name, wedding date, and the photographer’s logo and paired with a lovely customized box to keep it in.  Flash drives for weddings are the perfect solution to DVDs that break, get scratched, cracked or otherwise damaged very easily.  Wedding flash drives also come in multiple capacities.  Each client is going to pick a different wedding package and therefore need a different size device to hold the files – USB drives are the perfect solution to have just the right amount of space for each job.

Wedding photos are the type of heirloom that is cherished for years, and maybe generations.  Protecting those pictures so they can be enjoyed for a long time is undoubtedly an important aspect of buying the photographs to begin with.  As a professional photographer, it is important to maintain a reputation of, not only delivering artistic and pleasing photos that capture the joy and love of a wedding day, but also getting those pictures to them in the form of something that will last for the rest of their lives.  Those pictures, when placed on a DVD or CD can become easily damaged.  A flash drive for wedding photos is going to be much more durable, as well as more aesthetically pleasing than the flimsy disks traditionally used by photographers.

wedding-flash-drivesWedding flash drives are not only great for the bride and groom and their families, they make life easier for the photographer as well.  Adding a logo to the USB drive is a great way for a wedding photographer to advertise, since the bride and groom will show their photos to friends and family – when friends see the amazing pictures, they will know exactly who took them because the name will be right on the flash drive.  Flash drives are much simpler to load than a DVD or CD, and depending on the capacity, they can hold a lot more data. Instead of creating multiple disks to give to clients, all of the photos can be in one easy to access location on a wedding flash drive.  Unlike DVDs or CDs, flash drives can also be loaded by simply dragging and dropping the files onto the drive, saving time and endless frustration at the hands of DVD burning software.  Custom flash drives are also incredibly affordable, and they increase the value of the photo package by creating a memento of the day and the experience by being personalized for the bride and groom.

Since a wedding is such an important day for the couple and their families, it is crucial that the pictures which document that day are treated properly.  Wedding flash drives from Pexagon Technology are a sturdier alternative to DVDs, they are nicer looking and they are more personal because they can have the couple’s name personalized on them.  Every bride and groom will be thrilled to receive a personal souvenir of their special day that they can cherish ‘til death do they part!  

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