Artwork Requirements:

  • The Quality of the artwork you supply will directly determine the quality of the imprint.
  • Supplied artwork must be clean with lines & type crisp (no rough edges or lines).
  • We reserve the right to request that new artwork be supplied if it will compromise the quality of the order. If artwork provided does not meet our requirements we can provide you with the use of our Art Department to adjust your file(s) for a fee to be determined.?

Vectored Artwork
All vectored artwork MUST ensure text is outlined before sending.
We are not responsible for the outcome for any un-vectored text and how it comes out on the print.

General Images
For standard images, ensure minimum of: 300 dpi minimum recommended file requirements

File Types Accepted
    AI        -    Adobe Illustrator      -    CS 5.5
    PSD        -    Adobe Photoshop     -    CS 5.5
    CDR        -    Corel Draw        -    Vxxxxx
    JPEG        -    300 dpi Minimum
    PNG        -    300 dpi Minimum
    TIFF        -    300 dpi Minimum
    EPS        -    300 dpi Minimum

File Size
Please ensure file sizes are less than 8MB
If your file size is larger than this, please specify within the comments section.

How to make a 300dpi file
If you open your file in Photoshop and then use the short cut Alt+Ctrl+I (or on the menu bar Image>ImageSize) you will bring up the Image Size dialogue for the selected open image file. At the bottom unclick "Resample Image". With this setting you can change the size and resolution without damaging the file. Notice that changing one setting makes the others change as well in proportion. Setting the resolution on 300 (or 225, or 350, as you please) you can see the largest size that file can be reproduced in it's current form. If the resulting dimensions are too small you have the option of re-clicking the "resample image" box and making the image any size and resolution you want. Be sure to consider the different up-scaling processes at the bottom of the box as each affects different qualities of the image. "Rezzing" up the image will not improve the quality and you may find that if you start with a fairly small image and enlarge it significantly it will look rather poor; either fuzzy, blurry or even pixilated. In many cases you can enlarge a file by up to 50% without a serious downgrade in quality depending on the content and quality of the original file.

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