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  • Fifty years ago, when the British Invasion and the King of Rock and Roll were mesmerizing gaggles of screaming girls, music fans had to wait anxiously outside the local record store for the latest album to be released.  Even ten years ago, people still went to the store to buy CDs, flipping through them in long aisles organized by genre and alphabetically.  Now, anyone with access to Wi-Fi can download a single or a whole album with the touch of a button at any time of the day or night.  Even the way people listen to the music has changed (MP3 players are a far cry from old 45s!).  Digital media has changed the way fans buy and listen to music.  It has also changed the way artists distribute their music and get discovered.  Customized flash drives for musicians are a great alternative to CDs and DVDs and the perfect way to get noticed.

    Musicians know the music industry is not just about passion and art – it is a business. Like anyone else in business, musicians and bands must market and advertise themselves effectively.  Artists must grab the attention of people who have never heard their music before.  A customized flash drive with a logo or graphic will give the musician the freedom to express himself creatively in a visual format, thus catching the eye of a record label executive when it is dumped on his or her desk along with all of the CDs that only have the names of the band handwritten in Sharpie.  It will also stand out on a merchandise table or keychain of a fan, causing new people to be curious and want to take a listen.  In the last few years, the falling price of flash drives and their increased data capacity has opened the door for the music industry to utilize the USB drive and experience its benefits.



    Networking and word of mouth advertising are becoming essential to brand recognition and growth.  Visibility increases the potential for new customers and buzz about a product.  Trade shows and giveaways are a valuable way of networking – if it’s done right. The problem with a trade show or convention is that everyone is trying to get a message out, often about similar products or services.  Gift bags and “swag” from each booth pile up and have the potential to wind up in the trash or a junk drawer without a second thought.  Technology has nearly eliminated the need for pens and paper.  Key chains and magnets get lost in the clutter of daily life.  Overloaded potential customers are unlikely to retain the majority of the information they gathered at the show, and pamphlets are easily discarded.  A flash drive received at a trade show, however, is a practical gift and a valuable resource to a company’s advertising campaign.  

    Flash drives have become an integral part of daily life.  Customers will appreciate a flash drive as a giveaway because it is something they would be willing to spend money on anyway.  Flash drives can be used to store personal items such as pictures, videos and documents or for work purposes.  Students use them for homework, presentations and to store textbooks.  After a trade show, the flash drive will not end up in the trash like a pamphlet or bag filled with pens, paper and magnets.



    There are certain milestones in people’s lives that call for a large celebration.  Weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, quinceneras – people spend months, or even years, waiting for and planning these events.  They are joyful, happy occasions, but the coordination and planning of the actual party can be stressful and time consuming.  From selecting a venue to catering options to décor to party favors, the options are endless and the price keeps adding up.  When it comes to party favors, guests want something they can use in the future.  For some a tasteful centerpiece is enough, for others a picture frame is lovely.  But, chances are, if there is one friend or family member at the age for these events, there are many.  There are only so many picture frames, tiny bags of candy or key chains people want or need.  The person or people of honor want the favors to be special, unique and cherished by their guests, without breaking the bank. Custom flash drives for party favors are the perfect solution.



    Flash Drives for PhotographersWhile many other new ventures seemed destined to fail in the tumultuous economy – Photoflashdrive.com is growing by leaps & bounds. In 2013 there are clear signs of an improved economy for this company, including a surge in the opportunity pipeline. Finding validation to create and run with a new venture was a difficult decision especially at a time when cut backs were the norm. Starting ambitiously with it’s own dedicated subsection of the Pexagontech.com web site and it’s own marketing push - Photoflashdrive.com has become a success story. Photographers across the US have embraced the “Custom Made Easy” manner in which Photoflashdrive.com helps them make an impact on their clients by showcasing their studios. Thanks to their repeat patronage, they have proved the new division was a risk worth taking.




    For Immediate Release

    Guilford, CT - June 15, 2010 - With the Apple iPhone 4 antenna problems forming a growing wave of concern - Pexagon Technology is offering a free solution to consumers. Through their “i Love Apple” campaign, Pexagon will offer a free iWrap (their version of the iPhone 4 soft plastic bumper)to iPhone 4 owners. As stated by Consumer Reports this soft plastic barrier has been proven to resolve the perceived loss of signal issue on the iPhone 4.

    Pexagon Technology, a manufacturer of personalized phone cases and portable storage technology, prides itself on the ability to take a consumer pain point and create a solution. The spark for the “i Love Apple” campaign came from Pexagon Technology hearing the report of possible antenna issues facing iPhone 4 consumers in the past weeks. As manufacturers of custom phone cases for smartphones, including Apple iPhones, the time was right to offer a viable, gratis solution to each iPhone customer, requiring only a nominal shipping fee for fulfillment.

    Apple has been, and continues to be admired by Pexagon Technology President Brian Campbell who stated, “If indeed there is a potential issue with Apple iPhone 4, we are proactively doing what we can to help - offering each iPhone 4 owner a free iWrap bumper, suggested by Consumer Reports as a remedy to any possible connectivity difficulties.” The iWrap bumper, normally $19.99, will be offered for free through Pexagon’s online store: www.pexagontech.com. Bumpers will be offered in 6 colors and the buyer will need to pay a small shipping fee of $2.99.

    As part of their “i Love Apple” Campaign, Pexagon has also planned to offer a free iWrap with complimentary shipping to the first 100 consumers who share the news via traditional & online media sources. They can alert the company via the email: iloveapple@pexagontech.com Pexagon Technology is located in Guilford, CT and specializes in creating custom products for individuals, businesses and the education sector. By dedicating people and resources to the development of innovative new products and solutions, the company prides itself on saying yes, when others say no. You can learn more about their products and services by going to




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