Quick. Easy. Affordable. If you thought custom 2D & 3D flash drives were expensive and difficult, think again! Pexagon offers no-charge, 24 hour logo or artwork rendering and aggressive pricing, even on short runs (MOQs start at just 100 pieces).

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Continuing their commitment to providing fashionable and functional cases and sleeves to the growing tablet market, Pexagon is proud to announce all new Custom Cases for the Kindle Fire eBook Reader by Amazon.





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The future is now - society is constantly flooded with marketing messages and new technology.  Social media, smartphones, tablets, and wi-fi on every corner have made the task of sharing information as easy as thinking.  Of course, that means when marketing to verticals drowning in new products and information, businesses have to be one step ahead.  Marketing and sharing of information must not only be innovative, it must be easy, intuitive and even a little bit fun.  NFC tags (or near field communication), webkeys or eBusiness cards and webkey/flash drive combinations are all excellent tools for accomplishing those tasks.

Pexagon Technology now offers custom NFC tags, in addition to webkeys, eBusiness cards and webkey/flash drive combo.

Each of these products can be fully customized with a logo, as well as a URL designed to launch to a specific page when plugged into the computer or “tapped” with an NFC enabled device.  Customers today are on information overload – they want something that is going to give them the exact information that is relevant to them as quickly as possible – with as few steps as possible.  Even clicking through emails or a few pages on a website can be too much for today’s market.  That’s where these products come in.  Once programmed, the end user simply has to tap their phone to the tag, or plug the webkey or eBusiness card into the computer or tablet and they are off and running with the exact page they want.  This benefits the customer and business – no one wants to have his or her time wasted.  There is simply too much out there to be bothered with things that aren’t relevant, and businesses don’t want to waste their energy and resource trying to cram all information into one place simply to cover all their bases for every market. 



Send your target audience EXACTLY where you want them to go… immediately!

These inexpensive USB web site direction tools, allow you to direct you clients / students / team members directly to the information you want them to view!

A web key is a great USB device that immediately opens up a specific web page (regardless of how buried the page is in the website) when plugged into a computer. They are to computers what QR codes are to smartphones! While web keys look very much like a USB flash drive, they have no memory to store data but rather are programmed with specific url information. If you are looking to drive traffic to your website…

the Web Key is the answer!


my:key™ by Pexagon Technology
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Realtors have a lot to juggle. From open house packets to pages of listings to closing documents, the amount of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction can be overwhelming (and not eco-friendly).  Who wouldn’t want to save time and money, along with the environment, while improving business? Make yourself stand out from the clutter of paper and promotional magnets other agents are giving out with custom flash drives for realtors

Flash Drievs for RealtorsFlash drives are great promotional realty tools that allow clients to easily access all the information they might need during the buying and selling process. Instead of handing out multi-page home buying packets of information on a single property, real estate agents can offer a customized flash drive with the information about the property, as well as similar listings they might be interested in, saving the client the trouble of wading through pages of irrelevant listings on the website.  Flash drives given away at open houses can also have contact information of the realtor and any documents needed to make a formal offer on the property without any additional time or cost. 



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