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    There are lots of ways to promote a business.  Advertisements on TV, radio, the internet, the sides of buildings, cars, buses and everywhere else make it easy to overlook the marketing flood.  While these ads might be clever, they provide little value to the receiver, other than background noise or a chance for a bathroom break during a TV show.  Personalized promotional products not only offer customers something useful and tangible, they are unique – which will make people pay attention.  Pexagon Technology is proud to offer custom promotional items at competitive prices to help get companies, events, sponsors, etc. noticed.

    With a wide variety of digital and lifestyle products, it is easy to find a customized item that will help get companies, clubs and organizations, events, or even a specific person noticed.  With low minimum order quantities, Pexagon Technology is able to offer fully customizable products that can be made for individuals, specific events or purchased in bulk for larger needs.  The custom promotional products offered are useful, everyday items that consumers and target audiences will want to use anyway, but will appreciate more because of the special logo or other personalization on it.  They will be spreading the word about a brand, company or event without even trying – just by using the phone case, flash drive or one of the many other items available.

    Fully customizable phone cases, flash drives, pens, picture frames, pedometers, and many other items are available to fulfill any advertising need.  Brand and organization promotion is not just about getting a name out there once, it is about customers associating the company, event or person with something real – digital and lifestyle products are the perfect solution.  Since there is no minimum order quantity, these custom promo products are available to anyone, regardless of budget or the size of the target market.  

    Don’t get left behind or caught up in a boring advertisement that everyone overlooks while they commute to work every day.  An actual personalized promo product will change the game and make companies stand out amongst the competition.  Pexagon Technology’s competitive pricing allows for the maximum benefit at a minimal cost!


    Click here for Custom Promotional Products





    Pexagon Technology introduces Fan Shop - your one-stop site for officially licensed NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA device cases.

    Pexagon Technology announces the addition of Fan Shop, a new line of officially licensed NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA device cases to their ever expanding line of customizable products. These days, people rely on smartphones and tablets for everything. It is essential to protect these fragile and valuable devices, so why not add a little fun to the functionality with a custom NFL smartphone case?  While updating fantasy football teams as playoffs loom, the professional team of choice can still be represented and supported!



    For Immediate Release
    Deb Villavicencio-Eschinger
    Pexagon Technology

    Phone: 203-458-3364 x450
    Fax:    203-453-0483
    Email:     deschinger@pexagontech.com
    Web site: www.pexagontech.com

    Photoflashdrive.com by Pexagon Technology Introduces NFC PhotoTags Key Chains and Photo Stickers Enable Instant Web Access

    Branford, CT – 10/25/2012 - Pexagon Technology, the company behind PhotoFlashDrive.com is presenting a new and practical way for businesses to connect their customers and prospects to the web.  With an eye to the photo market, the company has dubbed this new product line NFC PhotoTags.  The key chain version looks like a standard issue promotional key fob, but inside each unit is an NFC device that will take NFC-ready users to a website URL programmed on the tag.  The photo sticker version is a 2.25 inch round sticker that can be printed with a studio logo and individually programmed with unique or personal URLs.



    For Immediate Release
    Deb Villavicencio-Eschinger
    Pexagon Technology

    Phone: 203-458-3364 x450
    Fax:    203-433-0483
    Email:     deschinger@pexagontech.com
    Web site: www.pexagontech.com

    Photoflashdrive.com Premiers Schoeller & Stanzwerk line of European Photo Delivery Products

    Branford, CT 10/25/2012 -Pexagon Technology, the company behind www.photoflashdrive.com is proudly premiering a line of finely crafted photo delivery products made by Schoeller & Stanzwerk of Cologne, Germany.  Through it's Photoflashdrive.com division – Pexagon has gained a dedicated following of Pro Photographers, who were originally drawn to Pexagon's custom USB Flash Drive offerings and now have embraced the large selection of custom packaging options sourced and developed by Pexagon.  The addition of the Schoeller & Stanzwerk product line brings more custom luxurious options to North American Photographers.



    Are you an active member of a discount website or forum?post-it sidebar

    If so, look for our "Post-it!" badge on special emails. If the badge appears on the email, it's eligbable for our free smartphone case offer! The rules are simple:

    1. Be the first person to post the special on any of the major discount/coupon sites (Slickdeals.net, Retailmenot.com, etc.)
    2. Forward the Pexagon special email to marketing@pexagontech.com along with a copy/paste of the link to your deal posting.
    3. Within 2 business days you'll receive a coupon code good for one free silicone or rubberized plastic smartphone case on our website! Shipping is free as well! Credit card not needed.

    Notes: Offer valid only to the first posting on any individual deal website. Pexagon reserves the right to not acknowledge postings on websites or forums that are not considered to be *major discount or coupon* sites. Coupon codes given are only good for ONE select silicone or rubberized plastic smartphone case. Not good on tablet cases. Offer subject to change at any time without prior notice.


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